The Problem with the World

It’s a supposedly age-old question being asked by a majority of the World’s population. I think it’s one that can be answered.
In the book of Genesis, it’s made pretty clear that everything was made perfect. In a Biblical worldview, I can guess that things are no longer as perfect as they once were (insert big “duh!” here). I can also discern that a perfect God is also not to blame for the World’s problems, because problems are a result of imperfections.
So who’s to blame for the problems of the earth? Let me answer that question with another question: who was given dominion over the earth? Genesis 1:26 says God made man to have dominion over the earth (or over the animals of the earth).
So is it possible we’re to blame? I thing so, but I’ll continue to explain why.
I believe our problems began with our ancestors, Adam and Eve, who were told not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Of course, they did, and it was the first of a multitude of sins to enter the world and corrupt the once-perfect serenity of our planet. We, as the offspring of Adam and Eve, have inherited a natural tendency to sin in likewise manner.
I firmly hold to the belief that I have problems that have doomed me to live an imperfect life here on earth.
Now, I know this might sound depressing at first, but I’ll have more to say later: The problem with the world is me. I deserve nothing good that has ever come my way. I’m a lying thief and and so many other undesirable things. I’m a rebel guilty of the highest form of treason. I’m a witless scumbag that cares only about personal gain.
I’m a sinner, a man doomed for hell for everything I’ve done. My only hope is found in a man who claimed he could pay for my sins by sacrificing his own life. A man who loved me more than any other living person ever will. A man who was God Himself. The Son, a specific member of the Trinity, was sent to endure the wrath of a holy and righteous Judge. The same righteous wrath that was due for me was placed on the shoulders of the Son of God.
My punishment of eternal torment has been made void, and I still complain about how imperfect my day is. A perfect Man was killed in my place, and I’m still angry when things don’t quite go my way.
The problem with the world? The problem with the world is me, is not knowing a good thing when it’s given to us, is not knowing how perfect we aren’t and how much we already have that we don’t deserve.

My life is not my own, but was bought by Christ with blood and nails. May I never forget how much he payed for me.


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