What Christmas Means To Me

Christmas, to me, is a very special holiday. It’s a day spent with either friends or family (or both), to exchange gifts and stories, and reflect upon the miraculous birth of my Savior.

For many people, it’s the same way. For others, it’s a more depressing time of the year.
I’ve met many people that don’t celebrate Christmas, and I’ve also met kids that are “forced to celebrate” with their family.

Now, I’m not saying anything that hasn’t already been said by many people much smarter than I am, but people don’t celebrate for Christ anymore. It’s so essential to the Holiday, because it’s the only difference between the most religious day of the year, and the most materialistic day of the year.
There are many people who don’t worship Christ, have no family, and no friends. This day is not a day of happiness, so much as a day of constant depression for these people.

While today is a day of celebration for both the religious and materialistic alike, I pray we don’t let the Holiday traditions stand between us and those around us who are alone or hurting.
Christ came as a willing sacrifice. God, born as a man. An infant child. A Child that came to grow, and as the Son of God, he would die for me.
Christmas is a celebration of the miraculous Birth, but is becoming more and more secular with each passing year. We can’t let this light die. We can’t forget the Birth of Christ. Let’s not hide it in traditions created by man for our own enjoyment. Let’s celebrate Christ today. And let’s share that celebration with those around us.


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