The Last Ten Decades: Oversimplified

1910‘s: “That one decade when we went and got ourselves involved in European affairs
1920‘s: “The decade of moonshiners
1930‘s: “Still moonshiners, but also no money
1940‘s: “World War II, and the decade that made the US a superpower
1950‘s: “Still new to being a superpower, but owning it pretty well
1960‘s: “Hippies and drugs, because being a superpower has it’s drawbacks
1970‘s: “Still hippies and drugs, but also disco
1980‘s: “Wait, where’d all the money go? Also heavy metal
1990‘s: “dot-com bubble, also now the only superpower in existence
2000‘s: “The world didn’t end, yay! Also terrible music
2010‘s: “I’ve been told I have a terrible attenti- Wait, did you see that?”